Prison Ministry

“Yes, of course I believe that God is in control of everything,” said one of the attendees at the Work Ethic Camp bible study recently.

We had been talking about prayer the last few weeks. This young man knows Scripture very well and understands the application of God’s Word. I’m always glad when he is there because he is of much help to others. He had been telling me about his upcoming parole hearing and why he thought he should be able to leave there soon. I reminded him that God knew every detail of his life and what should happen next. His answer was, “yes, I know God will do what is best… just so the hearing turns out the way I want it.” Others in the room chuckled for they saw the contradiction in his words versus what he professed.

It struck me how much we all are like that. We say we trust God to work things out in our lives… as long as it goes our way. If it doesn’t we don’t understand what went wrong.  How often do we pray for something and when God doesn’t work it out the way we want we kind of wonder “if prayer really works”.

We don’t like to surrender our will to Him and accept what He sends. We like being in control. But God’s ways are always the best ways… even if we don’t agree with Him

He tells us in Isaiah 55: 8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”.
I pray we will have the courage to trust God with all of our lives… not only with our salvation.

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