Kids In Christ Kingdom (KICK) completed their Fall Session with a field trip to the Good Samaritan Center to entertain the residents with Praises to our Lord through song and music. To start the presentation, they each introduced themselves.  They then sang two songs and played the bells to “Jesus Loves Me”.  As a special treat to the kids, Mr. Sprock played his harmonica for them.  The kids then greeted all of the residents in attendance with a handshake.

Our group had a total of nine students in attendance for the session learning about the “Fruits of the Holy Spirit”.  The trip was a culmination of how the Spirit works in us and prompts us to give to others. Again the students will be joining with the older kids to sing in Sunday Worship.

Thank you to our teachers and helpers for another great session of K.I.C.K.
Next session starts in the spring.

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