Cherokee and Sioux

My knowledge of the American Indian culture is almost none. So I just listened as we discussed issues some of the Indian offenders struggle with during the Work Ethic Camp bible study.
I was again aware of the importance of what is taught to children… right or wrong… because it stays with them seemingly a lifetime.

One young lady shared that she was Cherokee by birth whereas the other American Indians there at the time were Sioux.
This young lady stayed behind after the group left and we talked for a while. She is searching Scripture for answers and is asking God to reveal himself to her. I told her not to give up but to keep on reading and to keep on praying. She will get the answers she’s looking for… in due time. (Matthew 7: 7, 8)
Sometimes I have no answers to some of the questions. The only answer I have is what God says in his Word and I know that to be Truth.

She suggested I ‘Google” Cherokee mythology which I am. As I continue to read and try to understand better what they believe I suddenly realized that I’M READING MYTHOLOGY. Not Truth!  I pray I will be able to convey that fact, gently and with respect.

Please continue to pray for me as I seek to share God’s Word effectively.



  1. Gisela: In the past, missionaries have used or adopted pagen traditions to try to explain our own. We see the results of this effort in some of the strange traditions that are celebrated around Christmas and Easter. Best to dwell on Christ’s love and His forgiveness. We will continue to pray for you. John

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