May Message

Christian Church will celebrate the Sunday of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the Offices of Jesus is the Office of King. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. From the get go, the Kingship of Jesus revealed itself.  When King Herod realized that the King of Jews was born in Bethlehem, he ordered that all baby boys in the area of Bethlehem, 5 years old and under, be put to death. King Herod was not about to share His power, glory and fame, with anyone else, not even the God who gave to him these blessings. The Wise Men from the East, upon seeing the King of the Jews lying in a manger, gave to Him the gift of gold, for gold is for a King.

As a King, Jesus is unique. He has come to serve and not to be served. As King, His most notable attribute is, “mercy”.  To have mercy, means to have compassion on another, because they are trapped in a bad circumstance or situation.  It is so bad that they cannot get out, and also, must depend upon help from the outside. When the help is provided, this is having mercy. Sometimes because of pride, it is hard to accept help from the outside, and mercy from others.

Jesus, our King of Kings, has had great mercy upon us. He has looked down from above and outside and seen our being trapped in: a body of sinful flesh, a fallen and broken world, and having to face the darts of the Evil Foe 24-7.  So, our King, in His mercy, entered into battle against our enemies. The battle field was the cross.  In order to win, He would have to allow our enemies to overcome Him at the cross.

The King then took His Sabbath rest in the tomb. He then descended into hell to proclaim His Victories to Satan and his followers. He was then resurrected on the Third Day. 40 days after His Resurrection, the King Ascended into heaven, returning to the Homeland.  He was welcomed by Angels, Arch Angels, Creation, and all the company of heaven, praising and glorifying Him, as He is seated at the right Hand of the Almighty. This is what the Sunday of Ascension is all about. Notice that the praising and giving thanks is not just to praise and give thanks, or because our God is mighty and powerful. It is specifically for His victories over sin, Satan, and death, through the death and resurrection of Jesus – All the King’s mercy.

In the Divine Service, we recognize Jesus, our King, and His mercy, as we sing the words of the Kyrie, “Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.”  For it is by His mercy, that the King allows us into His presence, to hear His voice and words, and to set before Him our problems, trials, tribulations, worries, and cares.

Enjoy the month of May, enjoy Jesus as your King, and enjoy His Mercy each day.  

Pastor Brad Rick

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