Cassidy Shields Mission Trip

Cassidy Shields left last week for a mission trip to Haiti.  She will be will be helping at the House of Hope, a nonprofit, nondenominational mission group.  Cassidy has started a blog at

One Comment on “Cassidy Shields Mission Trip

  1. This would be so much fun–but afraid at 87, I just might be a couplle years to old. I have a neighbor that has gone to Haiti several times and they even lived down there and she tells me a lot about it. I believe I am corrrect in it being Haiti. I will have to ask her again. It sounds like fun. The church down here has sent several (12) people down to work too, but this past year they didn’t. But enjoy it and I wish i could hear about your experiences when you get home. Once in a life time for sure. God Bless- Phyllis McKay

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