Prison Ministry


Sometimes unexpected things happen when we least expect them.
I was at the YMCA in McCook recently when I bumped into a young lady I had gotten to know when she used to work at the Work Ethic Camp. Among other titles she had was being the “religious coordinator”. Coordinate religious activities and having an occasional in-service is what contact I mostly had with her. But I would bump into her in the community as well. She and her husband have 3 children and work elsewhere now.
She started telling me that her husband had terminal cancer and that the whole family was having a tough time dealing with it. “My biggest problem is that I’m struggling with my faith”, she told me. She continued to tell me that it seemed so wrong to take the father of her children from them and asking God “why”.
Of course I don’t have any answers to those questions but I was surprised that she shared so much with me. And many of us have similar questions at some point in our lives. I could only listen and encourage her to seek God and to read his Word. There are no simple answers when someone is hurting and searching for truth and answers.
She knew that I lead a bible study at the WEC weekly and I suppose that puts me in a certain category in people’s minds.
What would you have said to her if she would have asked you? Gisela

One Comment on “Prison Ministry

  1. Your answer was better than anything I could come up with. Bad things happen because there is sin in this world and a “bad thing” is anything that works to separate us from our God. The Bible is full of examples of God picking up the pieces of a bad situation and using them to his ends. We can only pray that this will be another example.

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