September Message

On Monday, September 29, the Holy Christian Church recognizes St. Michael and All Holy Angels.

We do not know on which of the 6 days of Creation, the Holy Angels were created. Nor do we know on which Day the Evil Angels rebelled against God, not wanting to serve man, for which God created them. But there are some important things we do know about the Holy or Good Angels from, “TREASURY OF DAILY PRAYER”, published by Concordia Publishing House, St Louis, 2008, p. 767:

What is the [angels’] attitude toward men?  This the Lord Christ reveals with one word when He calls them “their angels,” that is, the angels of the little ones, the servants of the children and all believers… They render service to every Christian in manifold ways.  While we are children, God assigns our angels to us, as Christ tells us in the holy gospel.  When we grow old and go our own way, that is, walk in the ways of our calling, God also assigns angels to us (Ps. 91:11, 12). When we sleep, the angels watch and protect us against the devil.  When we die, they carry our soul to Abraham’s bosom. (Luke 16:22).  Their protection is ours through life… Why is that angels readily serve the believers though they are much nobler and higher than we?  (1)  Because they are confirmed in the good and therefore gladly and fully obey God’s will. God’s will and order is that they serve us (Heb. 1:14).  The army of the heavens – sun, moon, and stars – maintain their order given them by God for man’s sake.  All the more will the heavenly army of the holy angels maintain order. (2)  Because our nature is raised in Christ above all angels and archangels (Eph. 1:20, 21;  Heb. 1:4)  Therefore, the angels do not refuse to serve us men in honor of the human nature assumed by Christ. As an entire race is brought to honor by marriage, so the marriage of the Son of God with humanity has restored the human race to honor (Matt. 22:2). What wonder, then, that the angels serve us?  (3)  Because love is pure and prefect in them, the angels, joyfully serve us, as does the Lord, who Himself is Love (1 John 4:8), in whose image the angels were created, and who declared:  “I will rejoice in doing them good” (Jer. 32:41).  (4) Finally, because we shall someday be with them in heaven and join their choir in praising God; the angels are happy to serve us here on earth.  John Gerhard

Did you notice the importance of the will and order of God in the above description of Holy Angels?  So also, a lot of what Gerhard says about Holy Angels applies to you and me, the holy people of God.

Have a great September  Pastor Brad Rick

2 Comments on “September Message

  1. Thank you for sharing your September message about the Angles. I really enjoyed learning more about them 🙂

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