December Message

The last month of the year has arrived.  It is said that, “We save the best for last.”  It is true in life, most certainly true with meals and dessert.  It is true for the Christian. It is also true for the Christmas Story in December.

This special time of year is loaded with signs, wonders, and miracles which flow out of the Christmas Story. It begins with a couple engaged to be married.  An ordinary guy, named “Joseph”, who was a carpenter, and who was a righteous man, (Who believed that God would keep His promise and send a Savior, who would save people from their sins).  It also includes his fiancée, Mary, who also was one of the holy people of God, and was also common and plain.  It is here that we find a huge insight into our God. For who in the world would choose a lowly carpenter, to be the adopted father of the Son of God, and an unknown like Mary to be His mother?  The answer is our God. He brings down the high and mighty, and delights in exalting the lowly and humble.

The manner in which Jesus came to be among us is also miraculous. One day, out of no where, the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary in Nazareth. He brought Good News of great joy. Mary had been chosen to be the Mother of the Lord.  The Almighty spoke through His appointed and sent Messenger, the Angel Gabriel. In the hearing of his words, the miracle took place. From heaven above, to earth, came down Jesus. It was then that conception took place in the womb of Mary. God who remained God, also, became man, and entered into the world, to save man from sin, Satan, and death. It took place through the hearing of God’s Word. It took place as God connected Himself to what already had been created and existed in the world, the seed in the womb of Mary. It was a miracle.

As baby Jesus came into the world, royalty was hidden under humility, humbleness, and innocence. It is hard to get more humble or innocent than a baby. Yet, within the very baby born in Bethlehem, in the City of David, is the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  This is the King who rules over the Kingdom of Power, over all the heavens and the earth. This is the King who rules over the Kingdom of Grace, in the Christian Church.  This the King who rules over the Kingdom of Glory in paradise with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, angels, arch angels, and all the company of heaven, even for all of eternity.

And now remains the most important part of the Christmas Story. That of course is you.  Jesus came down from heaven above to seek and save the lost. Most importantly, He came down from above in order to save you. You, who are numbered amongst the millions and billions of people who have lived, are living, and who are yet to be. In it all, He came for you. So, the most striking words of the Christmas Story are found in Luke 2:11.  “For today, born for you, in the City of David, is the Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”
Have a Great Christmas and New Year

Pastor Brad Rick

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