April Message

The month of April is here.  The big event in April is on Sunday, April 5, as we celebrate Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the first Easter Sunday, the faithful were still in shock and disbelief. They still could not believe that their Master, Jesus, had been arrested, gone through two trials, one sacred and one secular, found guilty, crucified on Good Friday and died on the cross, just before the sun went down on the Sabbath. It was like a nightmare in overdrive.

The Sabbath Day of rest did little in providing comfort or understanding. Easter Sunday rolled around fast and the women found themselves on the way to the tomb, early in the morning while it was still dark and cold. They were on a mission to anoint the body of the Master with burial spices. It was the right and proper thing to do.

Even while on the way, the women wondered what in the world they were going to do with the huge stone rolled in front of the tomb to seal it.  But, our Lord had already taken care of the problem by sending an angel to roll the stone away. The stone was rolled away from the entrance of the tomb, not to let Jesus out, but to let the world in, in order to witness the miracle of the resurrection, and the defeat of sin, Satan, and death. Many Bible scholars believe the resurrection happened when the sun rose over Jerusalem, as the bright beams of light conquered the darkness of Easter Sunday morning.

When the women arrived at the tomb, they were confused. There was no body of Christ to anoint with burial spices. Jesus, after being resurrected, used all of His divine powers to bodily pass though the burial linens and the walls of the tomb. So, out of love, our Lord sent a messenger, an angel, to tell the women, “He is not here. He is risen from the dead. Now, go, tell the disciples hiding in Jerusalem.”  So, off they went.

The disciples had gone into hiding in Jerusalem. They were afraid the same thing would happen to them that had happened to Jesus.  The last thing they wanted, was to be arrested, tried, found guilt, and have to die by crucifixion. So, on Easter Sunday evening, Jesus passed through the walls of the house where the disciples were hiding, and the first thing He said to them was, “Peace be with you.”

In all the events of Easter Sunday, we find our God abundantly providing for the needs of His people. Got a big obstacle? Why don’t you give it to the Lord?  He is great at removing obstacles.  Are you confused?  Why not turn to the Lord, He is great at understanding and explaining in His Word. Are you afraid and gone into hiding?  Jesus says also to you, “Peace be with you, I will never abandon nor forsake you, and I will always be by your side to give to you strength and hope when you are weak and afraid.”

Have Great Easter and April    Pastor Brad Rick

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