Pastor Rick’s August 2019 message

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The month of August is here. The summer has ended all to soon. Now it is
time for school, teachers, students, and learning.

Our America has changed. We have morphed from being agricultural to
industrial, to informational, and now to digital. Today, computers, smart phones, the internet, virtual reality, and the cloud rule. In many ways, our world is greatly different from the past. And yet, even with all the technology, everything is still the same. We still live in a fallen and broken world of sin, for all of us are still sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. We still have the Old Evil Foe shooting His firey darts at us 24-7. We still have frustration, suffering, pain, and death, in our world as consequences of sin. Because of man’s lust and greed, we now have air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution.

All of this comes to us because of man’s wisdom, and the wisdom of the fallen and broken world. It all goes back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, who before the Fall, knew only of God’s wisdom and good, and had no knowledge of the wisdom of evil. But then, the Old Evil Foe came to Adam and Eve and tempted them to eat the forbidden fruit. “And, when she saw that (the forbidden fruit) was good for food a delight for the eyes, and gaining wisdom, she ate, and then gave it to her husband to eat. “
(Genesis 3:6 ).

So, the Holy Spirit tells us through King Solomon, “the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.” (Proverbs 1:7a) As King Solomon, the wisest man to walk the earth, wrote these words, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he was talking about God’s wisdom, which is the exact opposite of the wisdom of the fallen and broken world and sinful man. I recently had the opportunity, to listen to an LCMS Director of Christian Education on the Issues Etc. radio program. She is married to a Pastor.She is also the mother of 5 and the 6 th is on the way. She said we as parents are doing our job in teaching our children to live in the Lord when we teach them that the most important thing is to know by faith Jesus as Lord, Savior, and Redeemer. Added to this is knowing the Word, way, and will of God, and the value of partaking of our Lord’s gifts, blessings, and benefits, through His Word and sacraments as we remain connected to Him and He to us. For He is, “the Vine and we are the branches.”(John 15)

All other things are passing by, but the divine and holy things, especially
the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Word remain for all of eternity. This is not to say that we should not be learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. All of these are important. But I am wondering these days, if time wise, we are putting enough time into Christian Education, and leaning about the ways and will of our God?

Have a great August Pastor Rick

One Comment on “Pastor Rick’s August 2019 message

  1. I agree pastor, thank you for the reminder.
    Sure do miss you all. God’s Peace

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