Pastor Rick’s October 2019 Message

In the month of October we celebrate the Reformation. As we do, celebrate the 3 solas- (sola gratia, sola fide, and sola scriptura) [only by grace, only by faith, and only by scripture].

All of God’s Word is special, because it comes from God. Through His Word, God reveals to us His thoughts, ways, and will. All of God’s Word is inspired. The Holy Spirit inspired the prophets to write the books of the Old Testament and the apostles to write the books of the New Testament. The Holy Spirit use these men and their personalities and way of writing to see to it that each word written is the exact word God wanted recorded.

The Word of God is also without errors. God’s Word is absolute truth. If God says it happened, it happened. If God says it will happen, then, it will happen. God’s Word is the standard for all Christian beliefs a practice. All of God’s Word is 1 piece from the first word of Genesis to the last word of Revelation.

All of God’s Word is about 1 thing, and that is Jesus is our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer. The Word of God was made to be spoken and heard. As it goes forth, it does what man’s word cannot do. Only God’s Word and voice can create what is out of what is not, put to death, recreate, create new life from that which is dead, forgive sins, and create faith and feed faith. These are done only by the power of God’s Word.

God’s Word includes 2 important parts. The First is the Law of 10 Commandments. They show us our sin, create sorrow for our sin, and get us to confess our sin. The Law always crushes and puts to death. The Law is always followed by the Gospel. The Gospel is: Jesus lived, died, and rose again for the forgiveness of our sins and salvation. The Gospel always forgives, creates new life, washes and purifies, reconciles so we are at peace with God, ourselves, and our neighbor, and restores us as full children of our heavenly Father. All this through God’s Word. Jesus is the living Word of God.

Worship is all about God’s Word. All of our liturgy, hymns, and prayers are the Word of God. In God’s Word, He teaches us how to correctly worship him, like Jesus teaching the disciples how to pray the Lord’s Prayer. As we worship, God first speaks His Word to us and then we speak His Word back to him. (Check out the LSB Orders of Service with Scriptural notations). As we do, we give to our God all praise, honor, and glory properly, the way He wants, and then, also, we lift up, encourage, and support our brothers and sisters in Christ. All of this by using God’s Word.

The Word of God also teaches us as His disciples, the way of life for a Christian. If anyone just tries to live their life according to God’s Word, they will be richly blessed, because it is God’s Word. God always promises to bless us when we follow His Word. We look to God’s Words and promises to get us through trials, tribulations, and troubles. He always keeps all of His Words and promises. What blessing we have in God’s Word!

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